About AGIC

Awadh Girls Inter College is an educational unit of the Awadh Public Charitable Trust (APCT) is basically an educational NGO that has been set up by some educationists and social workers in District Basti /Sant Kabir Nagar U.P. in the year 1995 with the vision that the education of women is important not only as a matter of respecting a basic human right for the females who were deprived of school education due to social stigma attached to their education in the educationally backward area of district Basti, Uttar Pradesh (U.P) but as a powerful force for economic development and achieving social goals such as enhanced health, nutrition, gender equality, emancipation, and civic involvement.

The members of the APCT are highly qualified, well experienced, and known for their commitment and contribution to the field of education.

To give shape to their vision and objectives, the members of the APCT have set up a girls' school and a college imparting formal as well as professional education and training in Sant Kabir Nagar district of U.P.